Customization tailored suits : Linings, Embroidery and Bottom collar

Customization tailored suits : Linings, Embroidery and Bottom collar

Egle bespoke a desire to constantly innovate in terms of the quality of his work on the possibilities of customization.

Liners tailored jacket and sleeves

For complete customizat

Mathewaperry Tailored Suits

I chose three reasons. First, I learned that the average price for a bespoke suit in the Boston area starts at about $1,800, and increases from there depending upon fabric quality, customized silk lining, the addition

Disadvantages Of Vested Suits

Vested suits share most of their disadvantages with the double-breasted jacket. They must be kept buttoned for formality’s sake and they add a layer of cloth across the midsection that may be hot or uncomfortable in humid climates. Small men risk loo

Three-Piece Suit Style

In an odd footnote to fashion, most waistcoats are designed with the understanding that the bottom button will be left undone. There is no practical reason for this. The most popular explanation is that Edward VII of the United Kingdom began appeari

Suit Jacket Vents

Moving on from pockets we find the vents, flap-like slits in the bottom of the jacket which accommodate movement and offer easy access to the trouser pockets. Men’s suit jackets have three styles: center, side, or none. Ventless suit jackets, just as

Matthewaperrys Website Now Featuring a Promotion of Bespoke Suits

Matthewaperry, the worlds leader in Custom Made Suit and dress shirt, has recently released its new designs of prom outfits. Now, the company is announcing great discounts on these new suits. According to the companys website, the promotion is

Tie Matching Factor – Necktie Color

When matching color the first thing you should do is look at all garments together to make sure that the colors are in harmony; if you have doubts trust your first impressions and try something different. “Convincing yourself” something matches

Tie Matching Factor – Necktie Pattern

Ties come in many patterns ranging from stripes to paisleys to tartan-check. So how would you go about matching a patterned tie to a pin-striped suit and a checkered pattern dress shirt? What are the rules to matching necktie patterns?

The rule for

Finding the Perfect Match Ties

The Solid Tie
Looking at color and pattern options, the most basic is the solid. A solid tie is easiest to match; one simply selects a tie that coordinates with one of the colors in the suit or shirt. However, within this simplicity lies the danger o

Custom Suits at Discounted Prices Now at Matthewaperry

On June 21, 2013, Matthewaperry releases its new collection of mermaid custom made suits, and announces a special offer on these new suits. From now on until June 30, all clients can enjoy the discounted prices, up to 45% off.

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