Houston Jones Act Attorney: Exactly What To Seek In Your Search For Legal Representation

If you get injured while working aboard a sea/ocean vessel, you can get compensated via the Jones Act. This is a federal law that is different from all other workers compensation systems in existence and is best understood by a qualified Houston Jone

Consulting A Houston Maritime Lawyer

Maritime casualties occur once in awhile. In view of the injuries sustained, aggrieved parties usually resort to legal remedies to obtain redress and vindication of their rights. For these legal purposes, it is highly recommended that parties obtain

What Factors Contribute To Drilling Rig Injuries

When we speak of natural gas and oil, its rich deposits can be found underneath the soil. But the highly sought-after resources can also be found in the most challenging of environments – at the bottom of the sea. That’s why hardcore drilling compani

Indemnity Cases Handled by Houston Maritime Lawyers

When it comes to filing claims for compensation, indemnity, or damages against a ship owner or operator, a Houston maritime lawyer can help injured passengers and crew in asserting their rights in court. Federal maritime laws enumerate the various gr