The Magic Of Tom And Jerry

When William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created the animated cartoons of Tom and Jerry, little did they realize that they were making history of sorts. The legendary cat and mouse characters have cast a spell on both elders and young alike keeping them glued to their television sets.

What Makes Tom and Jerry Such Adorable Darlings

In a world weighed down by never ending tensions and obligations, Tom and Jerry come as a welcome comic relief. Their spontaneity and innovative pranks serve to dissolve every worry and soothe many a tired nerve in more ways than one. These cartoons take you on unforgettable rides and often your dinner tends to gets cold.

The enmity between a cat and a mouse has always been iconic and this very enmity forms the very plot of the Tom and Jerry animation series. The fights are clever and wrapped in comedy and one can’t help but adore both the characters in their own right. In the CatID of theatrical animation, violent Tom and Jerry gags like Jerry slicing away Tom, planting of explosives, use of axes and firearms by Tom and other such acts makes the duo infamous.

The relentless efforts of Tom to catch the ever-slippery mouse don’t only attract kids but also keep the adult population gasping for more and then some. Jerry, as the cunning mouse is wooed by luck and manages to make a royal escape every time. Sometimes, their hide and seek games and efforts to outdo each other rub off on you and you decide to visit your childhood again with the kids. The cartoons prove to be such a blessing!

What’s more, the two proven enemies often forget their historical rivalry and unite for a common cause. These snapshots of friendship and concern for each other manages to give a sweetness to their rather spicy world. The good news is that now one can enjoy a range of Tom cat and Jerry mouse games online like never before. The games collection is non-stop entertainment for you and your kids alike and there are numerous titles to choose from. Besides, there are puzzles and coloring sheets of the cute duo that are always fun to do.

Tom And Jerry Games World

Tom and Jerry Games include Bowling games, Rig a Bridge, Refrigerator Raiders, Run Jerry Run, Cat Crossing, Math Games, Coloring and painting games and others. The games are exciting, informative and educative. They are cleverly designed to include hunts and chases, smart clues and other features and are actually quite addictive once you try your hand at them.

A number of these games are available free online for you to enjoy. The Tom and Jerry episodes on TV may end but the internet is a buzzing treasure-house of their flash games that only get better and better. So if you’ve ever wished to join Jerry in his amazing antics, this is the time to share cheese with him! There is just so much adventure packed into Tom and Jerry…discover their world and enhance your gaming skills too.

I am a semi retired father of a wonderful 11 year old daughter. We love playing flash games together and one of our favorites is Tom and Jerry Games online.

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