Is It Worth The Money For Steel Metal Doors in Florida Keys?

When a person thinks of uses for steel doors, they usually conjure up images of keeping an international crew of robbers out of a bank vault or retaining a dangerous straight-jacketed criminal at bay in his jail cell. The truth is that steel metal doors in the Florida Keys are being put to use in more and more structures, including restaurants, shopping centers and especially residential homes.

The Florida Keys steel metal doors can be used for both security reasons and to protect a home’s exterior from that unpredictable South Florida weather. A benefit of steel doors is that they don’t have to be the big, bulky, blocks of steel that you’d find in a bank or a correctional facility, as many doors have decorative faces with sparkling finishes. Style and home looks don’t need to be sacrificed for protection and security.

Wood and fiberglass doors have a hard time withstanding years of use, especially on the main home entrance. Repeated slamming, kicking, ball-throwing, and weather beating have some conventional doors looking rugged just a few months after installation. The home-owner has to decide on whether to spend money to get the door refinished or have an unsightly eyesore adorning the front of their home. When a person chooses to switch to steel doors, they can rest assured that the thick protective doors will maintain their integrity, be it from Mother Nature or an angry Mother-In-Law.

Besides hurricanes and other inclement weather, steel metal doors Florida Keys provide peace-of-mind in case of a fire. Whereas wooden doors serve as fuel if a house fire starts, steel doors actually provide up to 90 minutes of additional protection for you and your loved ones. As with all steel doors, the fire protective entry system still comes in elegant designs with arcs, squares, and all other modern styles.

Most contractors and even do-it-yourself homeowners can complete the installation process of steel doors Florida Keys, as they attach like most traditional units. Besides a heavy-duty hinge system to support the more durable door, steel doors are the same size and shape as standard entry systems. Two people with a level, shims, and a drill can complete the process in minutes.

Because steel doors are strong and sturdy, the maintenance process is simple as well. Instead of re-staining a wooden door every few years, steel doors can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner or even hot, soapy water. Shine is restored in minutes and muddy boot prints can be wiped down in seconds.

Florida Keys steel doors have proven to be ever-growing in popularity, especially with today’s unpredictable weather climate. Homeowners have commented on the durability, protection, and ease of maintenance as benefits that highly outweigh any negatives of steel doors. Hopefully hurricanes, bullets, and criminals never enter your neighborhood but if they do, strong steel doors serve as one extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Steel Metal Doors in Florida Keys

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Author: JorgeQ