Classic Cars – For the Real Automobile Enthusiast

Talk to an automobile enthusiast and you are sure to find a garage with a classic, sitting pretty round the corner. And the proud owner can go hours talking about this vintage piece than the current one which is the regular day-to-day drive.

Welcome to the world of Classic, Vintage, Retro, Antique and what not as there is no single, accepted definition for these clubs but the soul and theme remains the same, an old car world. Its quite interesting and amazing to see how the automobile has evolved over the past 100 years or so. There are models that are sold for even millions in todays auctions which go to show the whopping demand for these master pieces. Collectors often call this as owning a piece of history and never have they been proved wrong. From models dating back to the 1870s till the most recent 60s and 70s collections, classic car market is an industry in itself.

Be it a hunt for the missing models or a restoration project on an exotic or transporting them between continents, enthusiasts have been doing the unimaginable for the love of these antique pieces. With the legacy of over a century, top car manufacturers today have the motor spirit ingrained in their heart and soul and blood and when a product comes out of their stable, it shows.

That stands reason as to why such premium brands products such as the Ferrari, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Mercedes etc sell like hot cakes in todays market. They have the basic foundation, trust, heavily laid out upon which they are building products for their customers meeting todays norms and needs.

The classic car market owes largely to its popularity to the car shows conducted world over. These shows bring out the best from the antique range and award the most originally maintained cars. The rules are so stringent that even an addition of a seat belt could cost one, points in negative as they are considered non-original. At best, one has to have an eye and taste for anything classic to come out and appreciate these timeless pieces that behold a whole lot of untold stories from our ancestors.

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