The main structure of the newly TV technology: android TV box

Most of people could hear about the Smart Android Stick for TV which is also known as the Android TV box, Google TV, Smart TV Stick, Andrews HDMI dongle, Android HDTV rods and others. This kind of electrical device is one kind of TV and internet equipments which running with the Android operating system. If people look at the surface of this kind of android TV box, they could find that the surface of this device has included the HDMI interface and the shape of the android stick is similar to the shape of U disk. People should insert this android stick into the TV’s HDMI interface. After that, the regular and ordinary TV could become one kind of smart TV which is similar to the Samsung smart TV. People could watch movies, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music and so on. In a word, the combination of smart TV Stick such as Google TV and apple TV and TV coupled with the common mouse and keyboard could be the equivalent of a large-screen Android tablet.

Most of people would have the feeling that this kind of electrical hdmi dongle device would be much more useful for home daily life. However, most them should not know more about the components of this android stick. Today, the best online supplier for the android firmware and android TV launcher would tell them this kind of information.

The first crucial part of the smart TV is the hardware. However, the hardware of Smart android Stick could be divided into the CPU, DDR, internal Flash memory, Wi-Fi modules and other major components. Most of the android sticks China in the website androidodm are all consisted of the 1GHz processor, 512MB DDR3, 4GB internal Flash memory and Atheros Wi- Fi module. If people compared this to the ordinary Android tablet, they would find that the smart TV Stick has eliminated the display, touch screen which has been replaced by television and ordinary mouse. This would be much more convenient for people.

The other crucial part is the software of the android stick. All of the people android tv launcher should know that the Smart TV Sticks could commonly run the Android operating system which could let people install thousands of software. All of software is all be freed to download and install. If people could carefully search the website of androidodm, they would find that most of the smart TV stick has been installed with the android 4.0 operating system which could make people feel very convenient. However, the cost of the android stick would be much more cheaper than the tablet PC. – uptek is android total solution provider including android tv, android stick, tablet PC hardware and supply ODM/OEM service of android firmware, launcher, APK and server build



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