The basically functions about the high tech Android TV box

If people refer to the functions of the smart TV, they would not have fully understanding about that. However, the engineer of the famous online supplier for android stick which website is has said that the function of the android TV box such as Google TV, apple TV and smart TV could be divided into some main parts. Now, the detailed information has been listed below.

The first main point is about the function of entertainment. As we all know, the smart TV stick could be connected with the Internet so people could watch online TV, movies, read the news and even play games. Even if the android stick could not connect with the Internet, it could also play music and movies which had been stored in their memory descriptions. Some senior players can even install BT download software to Smart TV stick which could let the free movie apk use its spare time to download description such as movies and TV plays. However, this small device could let people¡¯s life become more convenient. People who want to buy one set of this equipment could purchase one of it in the website .

The other function of the android TV box is its office using. The smart TV Stick which can also be referred to the android stick could be widely used in the workplace. If the displays within the office area could support the HDMI, people could insert the displays with the smart TV Stick and then the display could become a platform of Android office computers which could help people sending and receiving e-mail, installing the messaging software, Office document processing and so on. When people playing the PPT to the guests, they can carry a small android stick and then insert it into the projector’s HDMI port. After all of these processes, the using of the single display could become a computer.

The other useful for the android odm could be hdmi dongle applied with people¡¯s life. Nowadays, the cloud storage technology such as Dropbox has become more and more commonly. The photos and videos of many android stick users who usually traveling could be directly stored in the cloud such as the micro-blog and face book which is one kind of cloud storage. When these people get to home, they could use smart TV Stick to easily see their video and photo for the traveling. However, this way could be very convenient, easy and safe.

However, there are also many other function of the android stick China and other android tv launcher android TV launcher. This could depend on the discovering of the user. – uptek is android total solution provider including android tv, android stick, tablet PC hardware and supply ODM/OEM service of android firmware, launcher, APK and server build



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