Important factors about the precautions, using and storage of magnets

The powerful magnets such as Neodymium Magnets and permanent magnet have had advantages of low price, good quality and high cost effective. So, the application of NdFeB is very extensive. The materials of NdFeB magnets are neodymium, iron and other alloys. This is also known as magnet. However, its various advantages have let the NdFeB permanent magnet materials be widely applied in modern industrial and electronic technology. However, there are many considerations for the transportation process. Today, the best manufacturer for earth magnets and motor magnets which website is would tell people all of these factors.

However, the magnet material is relatively weak. So, in the transportation and installation process, people should ensure that the magnet would not face with strong shocks otherwise it will cause damage to the magnet such as Arc and Segment magnets. Moreover, the powerful magnets would be adsorbed together on their own. In that case, people should be very careful with their finger.

The attaching of the magnet such as shuttering magnets may also be damaged. Therefore, the larger size magnet such as pot magnet should contain pieces of plastic or cardboard between the pads. This can easily ensure the separation of the Neodymium Magnets.

The powerful magnets such as speaker magnets should be kept away with the easily Arc or Segment magnets magnetized items such as floppy disks, credit cards, computer monitors, watches, cell phones, medical equipment and so on. People should particular pay more attention to that the permanent magnet should be kept away from the pacemaker. Do not let the permanent magnet near electronic equipment. Otherwise, it will affect the equipment and affect the use of the control loop.

The people who have allergic reaction will cause the skin and redness if they approach to magnet. If the reaction has been occurred, people should not touch with the magnet.

The powerful magnets such as pot magnet would be occurred rust in humid environments. So, the powerful magnets such as shuttering magnets should try to be stored in a dry and constant temperature environment.

In the using process of powerful magnets such as block magnets and Ring magnets, the operator should ensure the cleaning of workplace. If the work place is not clean, it will be easily absorbed iron and other magnetic small particles which will affect the using and application.?? ?

From the above description, people should know more about these attentively points about Permanent magnets the storing and using of the permanent magnet such as Arc and Segment magnets. People who working in the environment where has contained permanent magnet should pay more attention to these factors. – Our factory,E&H(Ningbo)Magnetics Co.,Ltd, is an original magnet manufacturer in China.For almost a decade,We had manfuactured and exported permanent magnets including NdFeB,SmCo,AlNiCO,Ferrite,Rubber magnets,as well as related magnetic applications,like Magnetic Lifter,Filter,Shuttering magnets,Pot magnets and ect.


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