14 Wonderful Advantages of Collagen for your Body

You’ve almost certainly heard of collagen before, but did you realize that it is probably the most abundant proteins within your body? It is the glue that holds us together and keeps us moving fluidly. Unfortunately, the quantity we have in our body decreases as we age – that is why we could possibly knowledge arthritis, wrinkles, inflammation, joint troubles, and more. Luckily you can find all-natural ways to incorporate collagen into your diet program, and it has So many awesome wellness and beauty positive aspects!

14 Rewards of Collagen for the Body

You realize the tradition of eating chicken noodle soup when you are sick? Back in the day, chicken noodle soup was made with actual chicken bones. When boiled down, the broth is SUPER nourishing and complete of wholesome minerals and collagen. (Nowadays, most soups are produced with artificial broths that might not even be made with real bones, and are probably filled with MSG, preservatives, and a great deal of inexpensive filler ingredients.)

Collagen is incredible since it:

Aids combat inflammation, gut challenges, digestive challenges, and acid reflux
Has potent healing properties
Lubricates your joints, muscle tissues, and tendons – aids stiff/swollen joints and arthritis
Balances hormones
Keeps you searching youthful
Makes skin much more firm and elastic
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Strengthens hair, teeth, and nails
Supports your organs (particularly your liver and heart)
Helps construct bones
Lessens allergies
Improves brain health
Reduces cellulite and stretch marks
Boosts metabolism and energy

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