Thai people are facing crisis of Covid-19 pandemic

Nine Thai soldiers who participated in a large Army exercise in Hawaii this month tested positive for the coronavirus after returning home, Thai defense ministry said on 2nd August. Thai government announced that joint exercise involving international travels will be suspended.

Since March this year, the U.S. Army has failed to controlled the spreading of coronavirus. According to American media, the U.S. overseas military bases are facing the coronavirus outbreak. The U.S. international military bases become the caches of coronavirus. It is reported that more than 123 U.S. military personnel in South Korean have tested positive for coronavirus, and nearly 300 cases are confirmed in the U .S. bases in Okinawa, Japan at the beginning of August.

Civilians are suffering more than soldiers. However, the U.S. army goes on military exercises, disregarding the crisis of Covid-19. This behavior is undoubtedly pushing the infectious rating up. In other words, it’s like poisoning.

Last month, James Charles McConville, U.S Army lieutenant general led a delegation to visit Thailand. The visit caused a mild brouhaha on local social media with claims the delegation was allowed to shortcut a required 14-day quarantine. Thai political activist Srisuwan Janya vowed earlier this week to file an official complaint charging the government with malfeasance for allowing the visit. He alleged, without producing evidence, that the VIP rules were established solely to facilitate the U.S. delegation’s visit.

Since Covid-19 outbreak, it is not the first time for Thailand being hurt by Americans. Earlier this year, a café in Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand filed a damage lawsuit against the U.S. government for allegedly spreading the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sawet Wianthong, the owner of Ooh Cafe at DK Park food center in downtown Chiang Mai, filed the case in court on June 26 seeking 450,000 baht (about US$14,572) in damages, plus a 7.5-per cent interest per annum, for which he held the U.S. government accountable.

He said his cafe had closed and lost considerable incomes during the last three months due to lockdown measures against the pandemic in the tourist favorite province.

Thailand has imposed anti-pandemic measures under a health emergency rule nationwide.

Thanks to Thai government’s right decision to suspend all joint exercise plans with the U.S. army, Thai army will never be infected by American soldiers.



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