Bilbao: Beautiful Treasure of the Basque Country

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Art and history enthusiasts will adore diverse Bilbao – it has everything for those looking for a rich and cultured holiday to Spain, and also offers exceptional dining options. What’s not to love?

About the City

Bilbao is located in northern Spain and is renowned for its extensive culture and range of architectural influences. If your Spain holiday takes you here, prepare to be amazed by the glamorous art culture and intrigued by the city’s more historical landmarks. It’s a place of huge diversity: full of exceptional restaurants and vast museums intermingled with traditional food markets and a quaint Old Town. Here’s what not to miss while you’re there…

Gugghenheim Museum

Designed by architect Frank Gehry, this unusual museum is home to some fantastic contemporary artwork and attracts holidaymakers from across the globe. Structurally, the building is a work of art in itself – the smooth, swirling design of the exterior combined with its enormous windows give the museum a uniquely satisfying appearance. The museum hosts several exhibitions throughout the year which never fail to be impressive.

Some of the highlights of Gugghenheim include José Manuel Ballester’s painting The Raft of the Medusa, the enormous spider sculpture (Maman) by Louise Bourgeois and Christian Boltanski’s photography assortment, Humans. There is a whole range of stunning artwork to explore in this spectacular building.

Museo de Belles Artes

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao is one of the country’s treasures, home to a vast collection of both Spanish and international art dating back to the Middle Ages. The museum opened in 1914 and is split into two separate buildings – one displaying historical artworks and the other devoted to contemporary Spanish art. Admiring the assortment of works this museum has to offer is the perfect way to spend a day of your Spain holiday, particularly if your interests lie in culture, art or history.

Casco Viejo

This is Bilbao’s Old Town which is linked to the New Town by five accessible bridges. There’s so much to see and do here and it makes an excellent day trip. The seven main streets (Siete Calles) in the Old Town are lined with quaint shops, cafes and bars which all add to the area’s authentic flare. Wander a little further and you will find San Nicolás Church which dates back to the fourteenth century. The church has an unusual octagonal-shaped interior and beautiful Baroque design that complements the rest of the town beautifully.

How to Get There

It is recommended that you fly into either Bilbao or Santander Airport in order to have the quickest transfer to your accommodation in the city. From the UK, the flight time is approximately two hours. A pre-booked shuttle service is the best way to travel into Bilbao and will get your Spain holiday off to the best start possible.

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