Kirkpatrick Leather company is the best place to get a leather holster

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Kirk Patrick Leather is one of the most well-known leather manufacturers in the whole United States of America and especially in its home state, Texas. With a history of more than 50 years the company is the synonym for high quality 1911 leather holsters

for all situations when carrying a gun is necessary. The company produces a wide array of holsters, as well as other leather accessories for guns and the process of carrying those. The firm is known for the high quality of the products it puts out and also for the fact that a lot of those are bespoke items made to suit the variety of models of guns which are widespread and in use in the United States.

One of the things the company prides itself with are the huge customer waiting lists for the famous Kimber holster and other products like these. The lines are usually because of the sheer number of bespoke items which are due to be manufactured. The company often finds itself in the situation that some orders in a particular day are months behind in the queue due to the he number of items ordered to be manufactured previous to that. Another thing which the company takes pride in are the materials from which the holsters are manufactured, the company sources only the best quality leather which will be sure to last decades for your gun and which might even outlive you. They do keep an in-stock inventory for the most popular handguns requested such as the 1911s, a handful of the Glock models, but almost everything else is made up as the orders are received. Along with that the company is well known for its highly professional staff and their rigorous training and expertise when it comes to producing one of a kind cowboy holsters and many other items which are the centrepieces of the companies catalogue.

They do ship international orders. All international orders are shipped via US International Priority Mail. Depending on the package weight and destination address, the international shipping fees usually run between $40-80. Please note that the customer is responsible for all import fees and that the time is takes to clear customs varies from country to country. Moreover, in case one is in a hurry one can try he express shipping. Depending on the package weight and destination address, express shipping usually runs between $35-70.

About company:

Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather holsters since 1950, offering the best selection of western gun belts in the market today. The company is known for its high quality products and for the mastery with which each product is crafted.

Company: Kirkpatrick Leather Company
Contact Name: Rachel Kirkpatrick
Address: 6501 Arena Blvd Suite 104, Laredo, Texas 78041
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 956-723-6893

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