Todd Medema Has Posted a Campaign on Kickstarter for Expansion of His Game Expedition the Horror

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Pittsburgh, PA (September 01, 2017) – Expedition: The Roleplaying Card game has already reached gaming enthusiasts. The horror is the initial expansion to this popular game. To play this game, the players should have a copy of Expedition. But, it is included in the bundle of Expedition the horror at the cost of just $30 bundle. So, players will not have to pay extra for purchasing it from the Expedition store. Now, they can pre-order the game to save 30% off the expansion.

The Expedition is the role-playing lightweight game that brings together the best video and tabletop gaming. The game uses cards and also a free companion application. The game will help players to go on epic adventures with their friends and family. It is not that players should have the experience of playing Role Playing Games earlier.

Even for veteran players, the game contains endless cards and quests. The expedition was funded last year through a Kickstarter campaign. The horror adds a new persona as compared to the predecessor with the artwork of Chris Gebhart. Now, expedition enthusiasts can support the horror on Kickstarter campaign created by Todd Medema.

About Todd Medema:
Todd Medema is the creator of the Expedition as well. He is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon and a professional game designer.

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Expedition: The Horror is a card game that involves role playing. The game was created by Todd Medema with the inspiration of Cthulhu. But, the game has new mechanics, abilities, and enemies for players to challenge against.

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